Better Ayeyarwaddy, Greater Myanmar

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the current situation of Yangon-Pathein Road?

Current Yangon-Pathein Road condition is 2 lane road. ADB have a plan to expend Ygn-Pathein Road to be 4 lane road.

After PIC develop, there will be a lot container trucks passing through the Yangon-Pathein Road. How if the bridges along Yangon-Pathein Road do not have strength to bear alot container trucks?

There is the plan to improve the current Yangon-Pathein Road and hopefully there will also be good and strength bridges as well.

What is the logistics solution of PIC?

PIC shall provide one-stop service including jetty, bonded warehouses, customs clearance, shipping & freight forwarding services, etc., Logistics service will be included the transportation within PIC and other countries by using Yangon port before Jetty completed. After jetty completed, will use Pathein Port to and from other international ports. So, the export and import process of customers can be done one-stop only within PIC area.

Pathein Airport can be used for travelling?

Pathein airport can be operated commercially. But there are only chartered flights can accommodate and still no regular commercial flights yet.

What is the current draft of Pathein River and can assess big vessels to PIC port?

The navigation through PIC to sea is good with around 9m – 12m draft except there are two constraint sand bars which only get around 4m – 6m draft. The current assessable vessels are around 3,000-5,000 DWT vessels. There is the river improvement plan to get the draft 8.5 m within 4 to 9 years and 15,000 DWT vessels can be assessable.

Can use inland water way for their raw material transport and what is the maximum weight can carry?

Can use inland water way and the maximum weight is around 500-800 mts per barge depends on the draft and season.

How if the strength of Dike wall is leakage, erosion and unreliable?

PIC dike wall height is about 2.5m above inland level (about 3.5m above MSL). PIC construct the dike wall with earth filing and compaction layer by layer and the strength is good enough.


What is the Electricity plan of PIC?

PIC shall provide 2 MW for temporary factory construction period. After zone complete by the end of 2019, electric will be distributed with 50MW from government national grid.

How if there is loss of electric current while the transmission line from Kan Kone 12-miles away from PIC?

There will not be much loss from 50 MW capacity.

LNG is available in PIC?

LNG will not be available yet in PIC. But there is alternative solution of LPG for fuel.

What is the water supply and waste water treatment plan?

Raw water from Pathein river will be treated and distributed within PIC. PIC also have plan for waste water treatment plant depends on demand of the factory. If they have large capacity of waste output, we can discuss to build up own plant within factory compound.

What is the maintenance fee / management fee of PIC?

PIC will form management committee and shall accommodate for this service. But the fee is not ready to advise yet.


How about application of MIC?

PIC shall assign a team to collect all required data from investors and help apply for MIC permit during this year (in early bird promotion period and within selling process around 100 acres of land).

How if the customer already lease / buy land from PIC, but MIC do not approve?

PIC shall pre-check for their business before leasing / selling land and the business should be in accordance with ESIA. However, in case if the MIC do not approve the permit for them, PIC shall refund the land premium to customer.

What is the labor supply with labor charges?

There are a lot labor force within the region since the population is over 6.1 million. The labor charges also in accordance with government rule & regulation (4800 mmk per day) or otherwise, can be nego with labor themselves – depends on skilled & unskilled labor.

What is the plan of dormitory for the labors?

The investors can build their own dormitory in their factory compound. PIC also have plan to build dormitory within Zone B area or in jointly investment with other parties.