Infrastructure And Utilities

Better Ayeyarwaddy, Greater Myanmar

Infrastructure And Utilities

High quality infrastructure and linkages

State-of-the-art infrastructure services such as power, water, wastewater treatment, telecommunication and transport linkages will be provided to investors

Electricity Supply Plan

  • 120 MW Electricity Supply
  • Electricity Supply System by using 33kV overhead distribution line
  • Electricity Supply Plan Timeline

2019 :

  • Temporary Power (Factories Construction Period)
  • From Existing Government Transmission Line

2020 : Short-Term Plan

  • Option 1 : 50 MW from National Grid – 66 kV Transmission Line (12 Miles Away from PIC)
  • Option 2 : 26 MW HFO Fuelled Power

2022 : Medium and Long-Term Plan

  • Option I : 70 MW from National Grid
  • Option II : 420 MW from LNG fuelled Power Generation (Under Feasibility Study) Joint Venture with Ranhill
Infrastructure and Untilities 1

Road system

  • Primary road 4-lane with 116ft right of way, passing the center of the site
  • Secondary road 4-lane with 87ft right of way, passing the center of the site
  • Service road 2-lane with 54ft right of way, serving as inner road access for land plots inside each street block

Flood Control System

  • Reinforced concrete drainage pipe with manhole
  • Dike Wall
  • Retention Pond

Waste water treatment

  • Treatment Capacity of 22,000 m3 per day

Clean water supply

  • Treatment Capacity of 24,000 m3 per day

Timeline for Water Supply and Waste Water Treat