About PIC

Better Ayeyarwaddy, Greater Myanmar


Pathein Industrial City is being developed by Ayeyarwaddy Development Public Company Limited which was established in June 2012 under Myanmar Companies Act in order to develop an international scale industrial zone, a river port, commercial and residential zone, located in Pathein Township, Ayeyarwaddy Region.

The Developer

The Developer is originally founded by Ayeyar Hinthar Holdings Company Limited and it has been formed into a public company with the intention of “going public” and “going listed” in Yangon Stock Exchange, in accordance with rules & regulations of Security & Exchange Commission of Myanmar.

The Founder

The founder, AYHT Holdings with its regional footprint in some of most booming industries in Myanmar, has the experience of over 10 years in operating 5 major sectors _ Agribusiness, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Industrial Estate and Property Development, Portfolio Investments and Partnerships.

Pathein Industrial City Project covers total estimated area Phase I – 1,200 acres and will extend up to Phase II – 2,000 Acres and Phase III – 3,500 Acres, situated in Ayeyarwaddy Region.

Phase I

Phase I is being developed as an Industrial Zone which will cover about 1,200 acres of land and completion is projected to be in the end of 2020. The International Port will be included in the Industrial Zone Project and now being developed for new role in regional economy. Logistics and One-stop service facilitated in the Zone are designed to minimize delays and be a true one-stop shop for investors. PIC is being developed with International Standard Infrastructure, Utilities and Facilities plan including but not limited to Treated Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment, 50 MW Substation, etc., Easy access to hinterland’s large and relatively low cost workforce and favorable cost comparisons to the Greater Yangon metro area for business operation would be beneficial to the prospective investors.

Phase II and Phase III

Phase II and Phase III will be future development of Commercial, Residential and Industrial Zone extension which will cover about 5,500 acres of land.


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